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Script Services

Script Summary


A 5 paragraph, 1-page summary of the strengths and weaknesses of your script, as well as general ideas of how to improve it.

Script Analysis


3-4 page outline of your script, as well as a detailed thematic summary of ways to improve it and issues that can be resolved.

Comprehensive Review


8-10 pages of in-depth, detailed analysis of your scripts themes, characters, general plot, and dialogue. Also included is a detailed, page-by-page grammar and spelling check, as well as minor suggestions for improvement. This tier comes with a PDF copy of your script hand-marked with notes, observations, and general reader impressions.

Complete Re-write and Overhaul


The Script rewrite is a detailed and extremely thorough run-through of your script. This is not an advisory service, this is a complete and total rewrite and re-evaluation of your script. In addition, this tier also includes a Comprehensive Review as part of the writing process.

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